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Since the First deployment our Battalion has done what was needed to assure the long proud history of the Unites States Armed Forces and every year without fail NMCB ELEVEN has made a long voyage to some pacific area. Guam, Philippines, Okinawa, Kwajalein, Somoa, New Caledonia, of which date as far back as World War II when NMCB ELEVEN became a part of the war effort.

This massive group of industrious Seabee's have blasted and scooped with giant saw toothed machines, airstrips and whole complement of living spaces out of hard base rock and tons of shifting sand. At the same time protected the people they came in contact with and what they built with their lives!

In 1965 NMCB ELEVEN spent a deployment in South Vietnam in the area of DANANG East. The primary job there was to build and help support the U.S. FORCES operating in the DANANG area. This job was accomplished with all the vigor "CAN DO" spirit which NMCB ELEVEN is famous for.

In 1966 the new task was establishing and building advance bases at DONG HA, Republic of Vietnam for Military Forces operating along the frontiers of the Demilitarized Zone.

Most of this assignment was somewhat of a normal task for us who witness it and a large portion was written etched in our minds forever for the ones who were lucky enough to come home. As in most things in this world this was just a blink in the time of this worlds life cycle; however an eternity in the life of each of us who served on those deployments that were in a conflict area.

It can be said that NMCB ELEVEN has carried on the tradition of dependability and speedy construction which was set down many years ago by the Seabee of World War II.

We have started a list of the many who will put their heads down when thanked and say "we only did what must be done when your country calls". These names will remain on an HONOR role of the few who sacrificed for the many to enjoy FREEDOM!!!


This WebPage is dedicated to all of the men and women who served in all branches of the UNITED STATES ARMED SERVICES in all conflicts no matter what they were called and where they where located.

Their time, efforts , blood and lives are what makes this country a GREAT NATION and will always be the reason why we are a "FREE" land!